Tianyu Cylinder Heads

Cylinder Heads

Applicable for: Caterpillar Cummins Detroit Komatsu

The cylinder head manufactured by Tianyu is flawless and is made to achieve the quality standards of OEM. The whole production process is controlled under the ISO standards.

Currently we’re working on the following models: CAT C15 cylinder head, CAT C15 Acert cylinder head, CAT C18 cylinder head, CUMMINS ISX cylinder, QSX cylinder head, DETROIT S60 series cylinder head. We also provide cylinder head for the following models including but not limited to: CAT 3306, 3304, 3116. CUMMINS 6BT, 6CT, KTA19, N14, ISDE, ISBE ,ISLE ,ISF. DETROIT 353, 453, 4-71, 6-71. KOMATSU 4D95, 6D95, 6D125, 6D155, 6D170. GM 350, 6.5L. FORD 6.0, 4.0, 6.4, 3.0. CHRYSLER 318/360, 698.

Products are delivered directly from the factories to the customer’s warehouses makes it possible to offer competitive prices. We provide the OEM quality and warranty for all products delivered. Tianyu is willing to cooperate with you and achieve business success together.

Tianyu Cylinder Heads

Applicable Brand

Applicable Brand Applicable Model Part Number
Yanmar 4TNV94 /
Yanmar 4TNE94 /
Yanmar 4TNV84
Yanmar 4TNE84
Caterpillar 3116 1407373
Caterpillar 3066/S6K 3109634/3109635/1838171/1838174
Caterpillar C13 3453752
Caterpillar C15/3406E 2454324
Caterpillar C15 ACERT 2237263
Caterpillar C12 1482133
Caterpillar C-9 3117226
Caterpillar C9 3124207
Caterpillar 3408A 7N0858
Caterpillar 3408B 7W2225
Caterpillar 3412DI 7W2243
Caterpillar D342 D8K 8N6000
Caterpillar D342 D8K 8N6004
Caterpillar 3406DI 1105096
Caterpillar 3406PC 1105097
Caterpillar 3306PC 8N1187
Caterpillar 3306DI 8N6796
Caterpillar 3304DI 1N4304
Caterpillar 3304PC 8N1188
Cummins A2300 4900995
Cummins 4BT 3966448
Cummins 6BT 3966454
Cummins 6CT 3973493
Cummins ISBE 3943627
Cummins ISDE 3977225
Cummins ISLE 4942138
Cummins 4ISDE 4941495
Cummins 6ISDE 3977225
Cummins ISF3.8 5258274
Cummins ISF2.8 5307154
Cummins NH220 BM60971
Cummins N14 3076209
Cummins M11 2864028
Cummins ISL 4929518
Cummins ISX/QSX 4962731
Cummins KTA19 3811985
Cummins NT855 3418678
Komatsu 4D95L /
Komatsu 6D170 6162-13-1103
Komatsu 6D140 6151-22-1100
Komatsu 6D155 6127-11-1138
Komatsu 6D125 6151-12-1101
Komatsu 6D114 6742-01-5530
Komatsu 6D110 6138-12-1100
Komatsu 6D107 6754-11-1101
Komatsu 6D105 6137-11-1012
Komatsu 6D95 6207-11-1100
Komatsu 4D130 6114-11-1100
Komatsu 4D120 6114-11-1100
Komatsu 4D95 6204-41-5110
Detroit S60 12.7L 23525566
Detroit 6-71 5102770
Detroit 453 5198202
Detroit 353 5198203
Mitsubishi 4D34 ME997799
Mitsubishi 4D31/4D32/4D35 ME999863
Mitsubishi 4D30/4D33 ME012131
Mitsubishi 4D30A/4D36 ME997794
Mitsubishi S6S 32B01-01011
Mitsubishi S4S 32A01-01020
Mitsubishi S6K 34301-21030
Mitsubishi S4K 34301-01050
Deutz BF4M1013 04209442
Deutz BF4M1013 04252440
Deutz BF4M1013 04255259
Deutz BF6M2012 04285537
Deutz BF6M2012 04285537
Deutz BF4M2012 04285384
Deutz BF4M2012 04285384
Deutz BF6M1013 04258234
Deutz BF6M1013 04258234
Volvo D7E
Volvo D7D
Volvo D6E
Volvo D6D
Volvo D4D
Hino P11C 11101-E0830
Hino J08E/C 11101-E0541
Hino J105E 1101-E0B61
Hino J105C 11183-78010
Hino J05C 1118378010
Hino J05E 1118378010
Hino J08C J08E 11101E0541
Hino P11C 11101E0700
Hino H07D
Hino EH700
Isuzu 6SD1
Isuzu 6BD1 1-11110-601-1
Isuzu 4JG2 8-97086-338-2/4
Isuzu 4JG1
Isuzu 4JB1 8-94431-523-0
Isuzu 4JA1 8-94455-240-1
Isuzu 4JB1 8-94431-523-0
Isuzu 4HK1 8-97602-687-0
Isuzu 4HE1 8-97358-366-2
Isuzu 4JG2 8-97086-338-7
Isuzu 4HG1 8-97146-520-2
Isuzu 4HF1 8-97146-520-8
Isuzu 4BD1 8-97144-821-1
Isuzu 4BD2 8-97103-027-2
Isuzu 6BD1 1-11110-601-1
Isuzu 6HK1 8-97602-687-0
Isuzu 6BG1 1-11110-600-3
Isuzu C240 5-11110-207-0
Toyota 2L 11101-54050
Toyota 2LT 11101-54121
Toyota 2L2 11101-54111
Toyota 3L 11101-54131
Toyota 5L 11101-54150
Toyota 1HZ 11101-17010
Toyota 1HD 11101-17041/11101-17042
Toyota 14B 11101-58040/11101-58041
Toyota 1Z/2Z 11101-78202
Kia S2 OK765-10-100
Kia XA OK481-01-01A
Kia XA OK480-10-100
Kia XA OK480-10-100R
Kia VN OVN01-10-100R
Kia VN OVN01-10-100A
Kia JT/JTA OK75A-10-100
Kia J2 OK65C-10-100
Kubota V3800
Kubota V3600
Kubota V3300
Kubota V1505
Kubota V1405
Kubota V1305
Kubota V2403
Kubota V2203
Kubota V1902
Kubota V1702
Kubota D750
Kubota D850
Kubota D950
Kubota D905
Kubota D1105
Kubota D1105
Kubota D1803
Kubota D1503
Kubota D1302
Kubota D1403
Kubota L2202
Kubota D1402
Kubota B6000